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About Tactyle

Young man working on the laptop

About Tactyle

Our Team

Meet the team behind Tactyle!

Product architect & CTO

Tech Enthusiast and career performance architect. Eager to Tactyle challenges in mobile application space to help create a successful vibrant mobile enabled ecosystem.

Shruthi H
Full Stack Engineer

Hi, I'm Shruthi a self-taught, design thinking full-stack JavaScript Web Developer, carrying the development of back-end and front-end codebases.

iOS Platform Engineer

Mobile App enthusiast, as an iOS engineer Tactyling SDK to capture user events and activity.

Sales Manager

As a sales manager, I am responsible for helping Tactyle grow through exciting new business opportunities. I work closely with the marketing team to identify new avenues for growth, and never turn down a good chance to network.
Headshot Illustration of Shruti N

Shruti N
Lead Engineer

Tech geek and full-stack web and android developer. Having fun Tactyling the analytics dashboards and developing Android SDK!
Srinidhi Belligundu

Product Owner & CEO

As a product owner responsible for vision, strategy and development of Tactyle. Working with prospect and customer to help realize the game changing potential of Tactyle

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Tactyle is a mobile SDK that embeds seamlessly into any application and enables monitoring performance and response times of every click that matters.


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